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Dr.Gupta does an in-depth analysis of your medical conditions in his first appointment. He focuses on identifying the underlying root cause of your particular disease. And based on the root causes he makes a personalized functional medicine plan which focuses on diet, supplements, stress management, exercise, and sleep optimization.

Dr.Gupta provides virtual consultations to his patients worldwide. By providing virtual consultations patients don’t have to travel to see him. Dr.Gupta is one of the first providers in the country who has a completely virtual functional medicine practice.

Yes, Dr.Gupta is certified functional Medicine practitioner from Insititute of Functional Medicine. He is also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine with AIHM and also trained with A4M (American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine).

Conventional Medicine is a symptom-based medicine and makes a diagnosis of your condition based on these symptoms. Based on this diagnosis they can offer you medication to help improve your condition. But Functional Medicine looks deeper and tries to figure out the root causes of that particular dysfunction. And then Functional Medicine through its comprehensive plan can heal the person from inside out and can reverse diseases.

Functional Medicine is system-based medicine, which evaluates your body as a whole and try to identify the underlying causes of diseases. This scientific approach focuses on the optimal functioning of the entire body and develops comprehensive individualized plans to address each person’s unique needs.

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