Functional Medicine Consultation

Functional Medicine Consultation with Dr. Anshul Gupta MD

Functional Medicine is a system-based medicine, which uses natural ways of treatment by focusing primarily on the underlying root cause of any health issue.

Functional Medicine uses modern technology and advancements to diagnose patients' problems and the parameters connected to them. Based on this analysis, the actual cause of any disease is addressed with a patient-specific treatment plan

Functional Functional medicine, in short, is the root cause medicine. The conventional medicine way of treating diseases is symptom based.Once you start on the medications, you are never able to stop them or you are not able to reverse your diseases. This is where functional medicine is helpful. By working on the root cause of the problem, it is able to reverse the diseases as well as able to get you off the medicines and iImprove your overall health. 

If you’re dealing with a chronic health condition and want to reverse your disease. Or you still have symptoms and nobody is able to help you, or you want to take care of your body and your disease in a more natural fashion , this is where functional medicine can be useful.

Functional Medicine by working on the root cause of the problem, can improve your symptoms and is also able to reverse your diseases.

A decade ago, few doctors in USA realized that conventional medicine was great for acute care but didn’t have solutions for chronic medical issues. This lead to the birth of Functional Medicine, where doctors divised new plans and modern ways to identify the underlying cause of their medical issues and help them reverse it.

Recently there has been a big increase in the number of people suffering from chronic diseases. The current medical symptoms is not able to treat these chronic health conditions. They are only trying to put bandages on these chronic health disease by putting people on long term medications, but they are not working on the underlying cause of the disease.

Have you ever wondered “ Why did you get a particular disease? “ even if you have asked this question, but I am sure you didnt get any answer for it.

This is what a Functional Medicine Doctor does, he acts as a detective and finds the root cause of your medical condition and then helps to fix it.

Current research suggests that most chronic diseases are because of environmental triggers. Some of these factors have been identified by conventional medicine such as smoking, etc. but several others have long been ignored and nobody talks about them. Functional Medicine physician uses advanced lab testing to identify those root causes and helps you reverse them.

But be aware there are several people Who are calling themselves as Functional Medicine experts, but in reality they dont have the real training and medical expertise needed to take care of clients in a proper fashion. Dr. Anshul Gupta first of all is a conventionally trained physician and along with that, he has extensive training in Functional medicine, Integrative medicine,  and peptide therapy.He has worked at the only academic center in the world which has functional Medicine department in it, which is Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine in USA. Currently he is the only one in India who has both training and real world experience in treating patient throgh Functional medicine from USA.  When you work with Dr. Gupta you get best of both worlds as he can combine the conventional medicine way of treating diseases along with the Natural/Functional medicine way of treating diseases.

Unlike the traditional medical practices where the symptoms are immediately controlled with a series of drugs or surgery, a Functional Medicine approach works by understanding the interconnected mechanisms of your body as a whole. Now this sounds easy, but in reality we have so many different interconnected processes happening in our body, so unless a person is really well trained in functional Medicine he will often miss the proper diagnosis.

A Functional Medicine Doctor goes into the detail of your health history to identify the root causes. Then after identifying the root causes of your health problem, the Functional Medicine Physician makes a comprehensive plan. This plan includes special diet plans, stress management, exercise plans, sleep optimization, and also natural supplements. And plus if required he can help you to order advanced testing which tells you much more about your body as compared to the regular tests which most often dont show the real cause of the problem.

Research has now shown that Functional Medicine doctors outcome with their patients is better than conventional care.

Below is everything that is involved in treating a patient through Functional Medicine:

  • Reviewing Your health and medical history, not current ones, but previous ones to know what triggered your health condition.
  • Revewing and assesing your current diet and lifestyle, as that is where lot of underlying root causes are hidden.
  • Involves finding the root cause and discuss the history of on-set of you health concerns
  • Then preparing a personalized Functional Medicine plan, to address your health problems.
  • Giving you clear instructions and resources for implementating the personalized Functional Medicine plan.
  • Discuss new dietary and lifestyle changes to resolve the health issues you’re facing.
  • Discuss supplements needed to support your body to reduce your health issues, and to improve quality of life.
  • Recommend advanced testing if needed, to identify any hidden causes.
  • And the most important having a team of properly trained health practitioners who are going to follow you and keep guiding you and changing the plan to get you the results that you deserve.

Functional Medicine is the fastest-growing field of medicine in the world. Millions of people have already benefitted in USA from this kind of medicine, and now you have the opportunity to get this treatment possible right her in India. Functional Medicine usses the most advanced research techniques and make protocols which gives results.

If you want results in your life, and want to improve you health, and want to live your life to the fullest, then working with us and getting your personalised functional medicine plan is the way to achieve this.

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